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About Serrano ham

Serrano ham takes its name because of the way in which the animal is quartered which gets the name “V-cut” or “Serrano cut”.

 Commonly the word “Serrano” is associated to hams proceeding from a “white pig”  (breeds as Duroc, Landrace or Large White…). However, this kind of V-cut or Serrano cut is not only used for quartering white pigs but also for Iberian pigs and Iberian hams.

 Anyway, with the terminology Serrano ham or jamon Serrano, we make reference to ham coming from a white pig and not from an Iberian pig.

 According to Spanish legislations there are 3 different kinds of Serrano ham depending on its quality. The three of them are listed below from the lowest to the highest quality:

  • Cellar ham (jamon de bodega)
  • Reserve ham (jamon de reserve)
  • Great reserve ham (jamon gran reserve)