Different names for the same product: iberian ham

As we said in our first post, iberian ham is also known with another names as pata negra or Jabugo ham. This is the reason for these names and its explanation:

Iberian ham is also known as “pata negra” because of the color of its hoofs. However, there are plenty of different pig breeds with black hoofs but not all of them are Iberian pigs. This is why factories and stockbreeders do not agree with the name “pata negra” and they always call it Iberian ham or jamon ibérico, in Spanish.

The Iberian name makes reference to one particular pig´s breed: the Iberian pig. Products produced from this animals get the “Iberian” surname.

Another name which is confusing is Jabugo ham. Jabugo is a city placed in the south of Spain that has a big tradition in producing Iberian hams. Some years ago it got a high development and the name “Jabugo ham” got famous as a common name for Iberian ham. Never the less, Jabugo is only one of the Iberian ham producer areas of Spain and even it was not the first one the get its D.O. which stands for “Denominación de Origen” (Denomination of Origin). The first one and pioneer to get this certificate of quality was the area of Guijuelo which got it in 1985.

To sum up, not all the black hoof hams are iberian hams and Guijuelo and Jabugo are just the name of spanish areas with D.O. in which iberian hams are produced not kinds of ham.

Black hoofsIn the picture above you can see the black hoofs.

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